Business Summit 2019


09-20 November


If you missed some of the presentations, I have fab news for you …

it’s time for the encore!


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Create the business and life of your dreams!

Curated especially for entrepreneurial woman...


Over 30 brilliant speakers presenting short, sharp and hyper-practical workshops.

Whether you want to:
... get more clients...

... save time and max your productivity...

... nurture your body, mind, energy and spirit...

...or even nurture the energetic wellbeing of your animals!!


There's something for EVERYONE at this summit.


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Your Hostess

Tash Corbin is a business coach and mentor for women who are changing the world. She is the creator of the Heart-Centred Business Conference, Summit, Podcast and more. 
Tash specialises in lean start-up, launching and feminine-oriented sales strategy, and is also the creator of the 31,000-strong Facebook community - Heart-Centred, Soul-Driven Entrepreneurs.


Tash created the Heart-Centred Business Summit in order to put the women of the Heart-Centred world in the spotlight, and show just how powerful women are when they support each other, create thriving businesses, and share their message. 

Our Brilliant Speakers

Tash Corbin

How to niche for epic reach


Laura Dick

It's not launching, it's the way you're launching



Jodie Thornton

Mummy's home: Why moving from a job to being a home-based entrepreneur hasn't resulted in the parenting shift you expected

Suzanne Culberg

The self-employed spread: Why we gain weight when we start a biz

Emma Turton

The wounded healer - how to become your own medical intuitive and restore your health

Shalini Nandan-Singh

Stepping out of start-up, and stepping up to responsible and responsive business


Trisha Wren

Why the energetic health of your horse or pet matters

Meliors Simms

Building a unique "wounded healer" business: 9 lessons from the Holistic Tooth Fairy

Cynthia Painter

Powerful presentations that engage and convert


Melinda Kitto

How to craft a compelling marketing message that can't be ignored

Julie Gibbons

Translating your target market into the right  visuals


Bev Roberts

The exhausted entrepreneur - how to get your energy back and support your body, mind, and soul for business success

Darleen Redman

The chakra keys to maximising visibility


Richa Jain

How to fast track your business without spending a fortune on ads or sleazy sales tactics

Maree Kirkpatrick

Sales - How to set up a sales process in your business that is repeatable, scaleable and easy to follow

Leonie Gough

Introverted visbility strategies: how to show up on social media

Anna Mason

The Frustrated Marketer: When people aren't buying from you, and it makes you angry…

Tamala Ridge

How detoxing physically, mentally and emotionally can support female entrepreneurs to create more impact, influence and income

Miriam Castilla

Three keys to attracting a sustainable six-figure income

Anthea Cutler

High vibe launches: How to get there and stay there, even in the dead zone


Debbie Sassen

Money Mindset Matters: How imposter syndrome and lack of belief keeps business owners operating in fear and lack


Marlene Schmidt

Smoothing the income roller-coaster


Chenae Carey

Moving from just being simply intuitive to activating your intuitive intelligence



Emotional eating - how stuffing down your feelings with food affects your business success and what to do about it

Claire Kerslake

When your biz sends you to the fridge - tapping for health AND wealth

Jenny Graham

Sell your Business: 9 smart steps to achieve maximum profit (confirmed via email)

Belinda Rigano

Introduction to Pinterest for Business

Claire Barton

Spacious, abundant,

un-busy business


Sam Gemmell

How to market a healing business without feeling icky


Dominique Oyston

Your authentic voice: Tapping into your power to inspire and motivate



Kristan Kershaw

Minerals 101 for Mothers and their Munchkins


Yvette Wright

Educational design for speeches, courses, workshops and challenges that transform



There's no biz without the base - building a strong base chakra in your personal and business energy bodies

Carol Brennan

How to set an income goal and achieve it by conference

Roslynn Higgins

Making financial decisions, big and small, with your intuition


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IMPORTANT: Your information will NOT be disclosed to Summit speakers or other third parties.
​This Summit is created and hosted by Tash Corbin, and your information will be managed securely as per our privacy policy, which can be found by clicking the link in the footer of this page.

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