Business Conference



The business, marketing and mindset conference for womxn entrepreneurs who want to be inspired, want to create change, and want to connect with other like-minded and like-hearted women in business. 


11-14 March 2021

Peppers Resort Noosa

Sunshine Coast, Australia


A biz and marketing conference with a 


Our conference principles:

  • Inspiration
  • Education
  • Implementation

.... in equal doses!


Because it's not just about what you learn, and it's not just about being inspired by lovely stories.


We know that in order to create change for our business, our life, and our community, we need to be motivated and take ACTION!

Want to know what makes the

Heart-Centred Business Conference

so special?


  • A conference where you can really see yourself represented on stage
    • There aren't just 'token' womxn speakers, MOST of our speakers are womxn and include womxn of colour. We genuinely VALUE diversity and a speaker panel that reflects our amazing audience.
  • A conference with no selling from the stage
    • We pay our speakers, so they don't need to up-sell something to get ROI from this event
  • A conference that provides all meals and snacks other than breakfast
    • This means we can make connections and engage in the breaks - that's when the juicy conversations happen!
  • A conference that includes evening dinner events
    • We have a break each afternoon to reset, chill and refresh, then come together over dinner to hear epic keynote speakers - plus we have extended dance and chill time on Saturday night
  • A conference with a proven track record
    • We have been hosting this conference since 2017 and have over 50% return rate for ticket holders each year
  • ​A conference where (almost) everybody knows your name
    • ​We make a big effort to help you connect with other conference attendees before the event, plus have allocated seating in some sessions to mix up the room and help you meet lots of new people
  • ​A conference for all stages of business
    • Whether you're just starting out (or thinking about it), or you're earning over seven figures, this conference is a gorgeous blend of marketing, business strategy, mindset and more to help you move forward with inspiration, education AND implementation

Brilliant Heart-Centred Speakers

We have curated a conference program that is specifically designed with YOU in mind. We have searched for and selected speakers that are diverse in their background, business experience, services, income levels and pathway to success. We adore each and every speaker, and we know you will too. 

Keynote Speakers:

Tash Corbin 

Business Mentor and Strategist


Tash Corbin is the creator of the Heart-Centred Business Conference and the online community from which it was born - the 32,000-member Heart-Centred Soul-Driven Entrepreneurs.


She's a writer, speaker, 6'2" tall feminist who has geeked out on business and marketing since she started her first business at 9 years old. Tash is passionate about entrepreneurship as a pathway to financial freedom, womxn's empowerment, and monumental change on a global scale.


Tash will be presenting a keynote at the Thursday night Gala Dinner on the power of connection and community in growing a business online. 

Yumi Stynes

Broadcaster and Writer


Yumi Stynes has been working in Australian media for almost two decades, evolving from music reporter to her current, "more mature" focus as a writer on Arts, Culture, Food, Gender Politics and Human Sexuality. 


She fronts 'Ladies, We Need to Talk', the popular podcast with ABC Audio Studios and is the host of Is Australia Sexist? on SBS television.


Yumi will be presenting a keynote on success, challenges and leadership in a changing world.

Sasha Sarago 

Creator - Ascension Magazine 


Sasha Sarago is a proud Aboriginal woman of the Wadjanbarra Yidinji and Jirrbal clans ‘Rainforest People’ of Cairns, Far North Queensland. Sasha is also of African-American, Malay, Mauritian and Spanish descent.


A former model, Sasha grew frustrated by the invisibility of women of colour in fashion and media. In 2011, Sasha founded Ascension Australia’s first Indigenous and ethnic women’s lifestyle magazine.


Sasha's keynote will cover inspiration to implementation, and how to get there in style.

Workshop Presenters:

Tash Corbin 

High-Conversion Marketing Strategy


Tash Corbin will be presenting a workshop on maximising conversion in your marketing activities - why that's powerful, and how to do it. 


This workshop will help newer entrepreneurs with growing business income faster, and provide experienced entrepreneurs with strategies to increase launch and sales results without giant leaps in reach and list size. 

Zach Spuckler
Facebook Ads for Business Growth


Zach is the creator of FB Ads agency, Heart Soul and Hustle, and will be presenting a workshop on up-to-date Facebook ads strategy for entrepreneurs. 


For those just starting out in business this will be a brilliant opportunity to prepare and lay solid foundations for FB Ads, and for those already using them you'll be able to improve their effectiveness and the results you're getting!

Anthea Cutler
Launch Mindset Specialist


Anthea specialises in supporting entrepreneurs with their mindset before, during and after a launch. She will be presenting a workshop on the mindset formula for launching, including launch preparation, how to maintain optimum mindset during your launch, how to rescue a launch, and what to do if your launch isn’t going to plan.


Anthea brings a wealth of knowledge to this area, plus a very healthy toolkit including hypnosis, NLP, coaching and more.

Melinda Kitto 

High-Conversion Business Messaging


Mel Kitto is renowned in the Heart-Centred community for her ability to distill concepts, words, ideas, philosophies and more into snappy, effective messaging that converts. 


Mel's workshop will be a practical and educational journey into the world of business messaging, that will see you getting tighter, clearer and more effective with your own business messaging. 

Miriam Castilla

Behind the scenes of six-figure growth


Miriam Castilla is the creator of the Effectology Method, and a previous conference speaker on Money Mindset. In this workshop, Miriam is peeling back the curtain on her business growth to six figures and beyond, and sharing the practical, implementable lessons that you can apply to your own business. 


Strap yourself in for some hilarious insights, profound lightbulb moments, and big shifts in 2020! 

Amy and Kirsty 

Art of Decluttering - your business


Amy and Kirsty are the creators of the Art of Decluttering, and they have been on an epic decluttering journey of their own!


In 2019 they embarked on a year of decluttering their business in different ways, and with fascinating results. This workshop will help you keep your business agile, streamlined, and decluttered for maximum results from the most strategic effort and elements. 

Event Schedule


11th March 2021


Gala Dinner

5:00pm - Doors Open


6:00pm - Dinner Commences


7:00pm - Speaker:

Tash Corbin


Connection and Community for business growth in 2020


12th March 2021


Morning Sessions

Business Foundations 

9:00am to 12:00pm


12:00pm to 1:00pm

Afternoon Sessions

Reach and Conversion 

1:00pm to 4:00pm

Evening Session

Speaker: Yumi Stynes

6:00pm to 9:00pm


13th March 2021


Morning Sessions

Money and Mindset

9:00am to 12:00pm


12:00pm to 1:00pm

Afternoon Sessions

Productivity and implementation 

1:00pm to 4:00pm

Evening Session

Speaker: Sasha Sarago
... and dance the night away!

6:00pm to 11:00pm


14th March 2021


VIP Masterminding Day

Shark Tank Mentors:
Miriam Castilla
Zach Spuckler

2 more to be announced!


10:00am to 4:00pm


Includes shark-tank and small group masterminding sessions

Cocktails by the Pool

Hang around for this very casual buy-your-own-food-and-drinks hangout with anyone who's still around!

Ticket Options

Silver Ticket


Due to the reschedule, we have existing ticket holders who are re-selling their tickets at a discounted price. 

Register your interest using the form below and we will contact you with the best priced ticket currently available.

Silver Ticket Includes:

  • All Workshops and Events on 12-13 March 2021
  • All meals on 12-13 March 2021 excluding breakfast
  • Access to the 2021 Attendees group immediately
  • Attendee gift bag 

Gold Ticket


Due to the reschedule, we have existing ticket holders who are re-selling their tickets at a discounted price. 

Register your interest using the form below and we will contact you with the best priced ticket currently available.

Gold Ticket Includes:
All Silver Ticket Inclusions

12 and 13 June 2020

Plus: Gala Dinner

11 June 2020



VIP Ticket


Due to the reschedule, we have one VIP ticket available at a discount.

Register your interest using the form below and we will contact you with the best priced ticket currently available.

VIP Ticket Includes:

All Gold Ticket Inclusions

11 to 13 June 2020

  • VIP Masterminding Day - 14th March 2021
  • 3 x monthly follow-up calls with Tash Corbin
  • 12 months Heart-Centred Business Academy Membership